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I received this mail from one of the fellow test engineer, who I got acquainted only of late. This made me a little sad and I though of asking you all on suggestion. To hide the identity of fellow test engineer I have hidden his name. Though I have deliberately kept company name open

Hello sir

I am <name> has worked in HCL Technologies for 2.5 year in Manual testing of Documentum . Sir now my project has got completed and now i was on bench for 2 month and HCl has fired me. Now sir i donot know anything except manual testing. Sir now i want to move to automation testing .Sir i have done BTech from Electronics and Communication. So sir i dont know java or
any other programming language. sir i am now without job for 6 months . Sir can u help me how to go about. Tommorow also there is walkin for database manual testing but i havnt done this and donot know it . How to justify my work as i am not good at bluffing and i face rejection. Now sir i am gained negativity as i am now thinking whether i will get a job.

Sir i am thinking if i know some automation tool , then only company will hire me. Sir can u suggest me how to proceed further as sir i also want to do some good work , have secure future.

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