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Learning dumps - C # -Visual studio

Hi ,

I have been working on Manual testing scripts for about 6 months now ,however ,my company is asking for us to automate the test scripts , I have absolutely no idea on where to start learning C #,and how to automate the tests(using selenium and C #).

Can you please let me know if you know any good places to start with(apart from selenium official) ? I have gone through and practiced all your video tutorials ,I'd want to start off with Visual studio now ,I have asked a lot of my friends but  they all seem to be working on scripts written in java .

Please help ,

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Re: Learning dumps - C # -Visual studio

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Here some steps to automate test scripts through this..
1. Decide what Test Cases to Automate
2. Test Early and Test Often
3. Select the Right Automated Testing Tool
4. Divide your Automated Testing Efforts
5. Create Good, Quality Test Data
6. Create Automated Tests that are Resistant to Changes in the UI