How do I access Selenium Training Projects?

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How do I access Selenium Training Projects?

Selenium Training Sessions and Training Projects are absolutely, but you would have to do following before you can access Selenium Training Session Projects -
1. Please leave a testimonial (about 50 words) here - if you find training videos educational. PLEASE and make it generic and don't mention any name in testimonial.

2. Please "like" my facebook testing forum - 
and share it on your facebook page. Facebook testing forum shares lots of information in software testing field

3. Please add me on Google plus - 

4. Please click on Google +1 button on following pages of -

(Google +1 button is available on top section of each of these pages) 

Do drop me mail at "tkumarb at" once having done with all of this and I would get you access to Selenium Projects.
I hope I am not asking for too much. More testimonial and social circles helps me drive more users to free training programs and keep the trainings free.