Defining Types of Migration Testing

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Defining Types of Migration Testing

There are a few Types of Migration Testing is fundamental to move data from the Legacy framework to the new framework with no data loss.

What is Migration Testing?

Migration Testing Definition:
Migration testing in software testing is a verification procedure of relocation of the inheritance framework to the new framework with negligible interruption/downtime, with data respectability and no loss of data, while guaranteeing that all the predefined non-functional and functional parts of the application met post-migration.

Types of Migration Testing:

The accompanying is the distinctive types of software migration testing that regularly happen frequently:

Database Migration
Server Migration
Operating System Migration
Application Migration

Database Migration testing:

Database Migration testing approach is moving applications, cron employments, all data exchange and components from inheritance database software framework to another new database software framework. Here database software framework in the sense Data warehouse, Hadoop or whatever other structures which can deal with the current functionality and handle the information with no execution issues.

A lot of database testing will be included particularly in data migration testing scenarios. Here are the assortments of data migration contextual analyses such as Migration of Operational Data Store to Pentaho, Migration of DW to Hadoop or some other ETL tool and so forth. Any of the information relocation or supplanting ETL data migration testing tools with another ETL tools we should have the parallel framework all the while, so the data comparison should be entirely some accommodating procedure.

Data migration testing strategy:

Guarantee whether the mappings at field and table levels don’t change.
Guaranteeing if data moved entirely and precisely.
Guarantee if the inheritance database not updated during tests after migration.
Post-migration and Pre-migration testing exercises.

Server Migration:

Server Migration is essentially the demonstration of moving your server data and configuration starting with one server then onto the next. In some cases, this migration is starting from one server platform to another, for example, from a 1and1 Virtual Server to a 1and1 Cloud Server.

Commonly, the demonstration of moving your server done manually. This is mostly due to there is no real way to automate the migration testing approach of one server stage to another. In addition to the majority of our servers accompany root or overseer get, enabling you to have full control over the setup and design of the server. This outcome in a more noteworthy potential for inconveniences to emerge during any one-measure fits-all automated migration testing strategy.

Testing actions here will be:

Testing consistency with the new server.
Guarantee catalog names, document sharing and so forth. Stay unaltered or change manually according to the configurations.
Guaranteeing no changes in the new server or data corruption.
Testing information is taking care of in the new server.

Operating System Migration:

Operating System Migration is a software migration testing types where an application is migrated starting with one OS then onto the next. This includes a lot of difficulties as the base stage itself changed, and there is an immense danger of compatibility. Indeed, even system, arrangements, interfaces, and significantly more segments require re-outlining.

Cases of OS Migration:

Relocating to Cloud-based Software as a Server.
Relocating to Cloud-based VMs and so on.
Relocation from Windows to Linux
Relocation from Windows to MAC
Testing actions here will be:
Examining the conditions in the new OS.
Flows in App may fluctuate when contrasted with the inheritance OS. Consequently, Extensive testing is needed
Extensive compatibility testing with every single conceivable combination in the new OS
Understanding and testing the application as changes in design impacts the application relying upon its kind.

Application Migration:

Application migration is the way toward moving an application program starting with one condition then onto the next. Cases incorporate movement from an on-premises undertaking server to a cloud supplier’s condition or starting with one cloud condition then onto the next.

Testing Actions here will be:

Examine and test every one of the streams in inheritance application against the new app.
Examining necessities and recognizing the steady prerequisites.
Examining the extent of testing.
Test the new streams in the relocated application assuming any.
Subsequently recognizing what Types of Migration Testing are going on and what are the particular viewpoints to be tested relying on the Type of Migration, will guarantee all the conceivable bottlenecks that may happen.

Either post migration or migration can be distinguished well ahead of time while Testing in the Lab and can be alleviated by settling them guaranteeing efficient ‘Movement.’