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Advanced Features of Jenkins

Hi Tarun,

Frankiy speaking before watching your video I was not aware of Jenkins. 4 months back I first watch your video and started researching on this because our client want us to execute the script from Jenkins so that to keep a track of everything.
In Last 2 months what all I have achieved using Jenkins are as follow.

1) Creating a Project using Selenium WebDriver, TestNg and Maven
2) Installing Jenkins on a Windows XP machine and creating Slave nodes (JNLP) in that same machine and also in Remote machine 1 in Windows 2003, 1 in Windows 7.
3) Also have created a Maven project kept my code in a SVN server and executed Jobs in Jenkins using SVN SCM so that we can control everything remotely

But few of the drawbacks I am facing

1) In my single project suppose there are 200 TestNg Test. So when I am executing in Jenkins I am executing in a Single Jenkins Node.

I want to distribute my 200 Test in various Jenkins Slave Nodes.So is it possible to Integrate Selenium Grid with Jenkins and achieve this or any other way. Also apart from TestNg plugin is there any other plugin to get more flash results, pie charts.