Absolute beginner, need help with finding my way

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Absolute beginner, need help with finding my way

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Hi Tarun,
Thank you for your effort to start this selenium community and for sharing your knowledge.

I am at a beginner level to work with selenium.
To give some background, i know its an add on to firefox. installed selenium.

I dont know much details and how to debug and resolve things. but I understand that the eclipse framework is available to enhance selenium scripts.
but my current project does not want eclipse. they have some framework already in place.
so i need to see if that framework can be extended to selenium tests. (I am not sure of frame work and to be frank i dont to selenium itself very well. i know only record and replay in the IDE)

firstly some basic questions:

1) sometimes when I am recording in selenium, some commands are not recorded with a Target.
so when replaying, it says "[error] Element not found". for now I delete such commands and replay. please let me know what is the correct work around for this and why it is not recording the target.

2) The username/password page is a popup. The details are not captured in the recording. can you please tell me how to capture those values on popup.
does this need java already? if so, then I cannot use eclipse. i still have to figure out what framework these people are using here.

3) Also in the actual screens, while recording and replaying, it says
[error] Element link=<name of the link> not found.
I changed the speed to slow and this error is resolved.
what is the correct way to handle it?

4) without using java or any framework, how can I verify if all the necessary options are present in the dropdown list.

5) There are scenarios where input has to be provided in a subframe(got that subframe word from the selenium logs.) then when replaying, relative = up, the parent frame is blank. error message is soemthing like " Current subframe appears to have closed; selecting top frame"
what is the solution to this? does this also need java framework.

Please help.
can you provide details for each question. sorry for asking so many questions.
Thank you for your help in advance.

If all the above questions need some java or some framework, then please let me know. Also let me know if they is a workaround without java. for now for something I have to achieve, even hardcoding is fine. Iteration and framework can come up later.

Also can you let me know what is ant? and where I can find a beginners guide? also is testNG same as ant?
sorry for all the dumb questions.

Thank you for all your help.
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Re: Absolute beginner, need help with finding my way

Welcome to forum Sirisha,

My humble request to you is to post your question in Selenium forum as all of your questions are related to Selenium. Please post your question in this forum -

~ seleniumtests.com
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Re: Absolute beginner, need help with finding my way

Posted it in the selenium forum.
Thank you for guiding.